Nurturing world-class intellect



At Strategic Educational Advisory Services Limited our mission is to:

  • Assist students to develop world-class intellect with a social conscience.
  • Support students to successfully apply to schools, universities and other institutions in Nigeria, the UK, USA.
  • Support the development of 21st Century schools.
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Mrs. Catherine Bickersteth  

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Mrs. Ladun Omojokun 

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Clients' feedbacks

They pushed me to where I am now. I will miss how they taught me and the friends I made here.
Naia Imevbore
I am now on top of the English tree at school. I am the English wiz. With the help of SEAS Ltd. I was able to pass both, my Day Waterman and Grange Exams with flying colours.
Ohidiani Imevbore
Thank you SEAS. It has been a pleasure and we have passed both exams we put in for. This has really been a great experience.
Torera and Dara Bolodeoku
SEAS offers more and delivers a lot more than it promises
Mrs Ohidian
Just to let you know that your girl did it again! Isabella has been offered a place at Downe House (as well as Cheltenham Ladies College) for September this year. Once, again, thanks to you, Mrs O ...
Isabella's Mum
I remember when i have to review everything over and over. I definitely would never get to where i am today. Thank you for everything.
Akshay Daswani
I am impressed with your approach to get the students serious and focused with their studies. You were able to get the best out of my child. Well done!
Mrs Okunfulure
They have taught me how to pass my exams
Derin Balogun
Though some days I didn`t want to come for lesson, I did. It all paid off.
Modebayo Johnson
Although it was hard work, never once did I think it was unnecessary; and I still believe after being accepted into Sevenoaks School. Thank you.
Boma George